The modelling framework developed in TEAM_Play incorporates models, which are capable of assessing both new technologies as well as economic measures. Examples of such technologies are new fuels, engine or aircraft technology. These new technologies can emerge via direct political support or by incentive setting using economic measures. These measures can be, for example, taxation, emission charges, trading or noise charges. Predicting the consequences of economic measures requires particularly sensitive modelling, involving changes in demand resulting from cost changes from the measures, the reaction of the various stakeholders and the consequences of those reactions.

List of European aviation modelling tools in TEAM_Play

PDF Tool descriptions can be opened by clicking on the tool names. For a brief overview of how the tools are connected, please click here.


Developer Description External Link
3PRisk NAU Individual risk at specific points and/or risk contours (10-4, 10-5, 10-6) calculation for airport flight scenarios

AEM III EURO- CONTROL Global Aviation Emission Inventory Tool
AERO2k EC/QinetiQ Global Aviation Emission Inventory Tool

AERO-MS NLR, TAKS, MVA Responsive policy analysis tool in order to assess economic and environmental impacts of measures to reduce global aviation emissions

AirClim DLR Climate-Chemistry Response Model AirClim
ADMS-Airport CERC Performance model, emissions calculator, advanced dispersion model ADMS-Airport
EURO-CONTROL Airport emission inventory model combined with various types of dispersion models
Contrail Model MMU Offline contrail coverage model

Energy Module DLR Aviation energy consumption in a global context

FAST MMU / UK DTi (now BIS) GHG global aviations emissions Inventory tool


IsoBell’a NAU Noise levels at specific points and/or noise contours calculation for airport flight scenarios


Janicke Emission (certification LTO or performance model) and dispersion calculation (Lagrangian particle model) for airport-related pollutant sources LASPORT
LinClim MMU Simple linear climate response model

Macro-economic Impact Tool DLR Input/Output analysis

Meteo Server EURO-CONTROL Provision, completion and reconciliation of worldwide meteorological data from various origins (measured and modeled). Meteo
Monetization DLR Monetization of environmental effects caused by air transport
PolEmiCa NAU Emission inventory (certifica-tion LTO or real LTO- per-formance model) and dis-persion calculation (Eirler diffusion model) for airport-related pollutant sources.
SONDEO Anotec Con-sulting SL Calculates (a.o.) Lden and Lnight noise contours based on the ANP noise and performance database managed by Eurocontrol for multiple airports.

STAPES EURO-CONTROL Generation of noise contours for multiple airports STAPES
TEETO Airbus, Scenma Technology Evaluation of Environmental Trade-Offs